When do you feel most alone?

With the quarantine, people experience and struggle from loneliness more than ever. The irony is we may feel alone even when with people. We could feel distant and disconnected even from the people we love the most. If you’re feeling lonely and alone, just know that God is always with you.

Hello, dear @eestioko
This is something I can relate too, with the quarantine you can feel like in disagreements with those that are your close family… And you can’t even have an space to think about because you can’t go out haha. It’s a little sad. But I always pray and talk to God when something like that happens. It’s funny, when you feel the most alone with your family you can know God is there for you, is awesome how much he loves us. Even with it, by talking with him, I always find a way to solve the situation that was happening with my family. I’m convinced he’s acting through me or my family to get those little things solve so we can keep our happiness as family.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

@eestioko thats a great picture. When we say alone you feel that you are facing this moment with your own. But its not. You have a friends and of course you have a BIG GOD! that will helps you a lot. It will guide you, just keep on fighting our GOD is bigger than our problem that we still facing right now.

Yeah, I’m into photography. I took this way before the virus but looking at it, it’s perfect to my post “alone-ness” and loneliness. God is here, He will never abandon us but He can be very quiet. Eternally quiet, in fact. It really requires faith to know that there is a God who cares and who watches over us.

I think we all have our highs and lows, its part life. Even if we strive to constantly be happy with everything we have, there will come a time when we will feel down, sometimes without any reason. And its when we need God most, to counter the negative thoughts that will cross our mind. I often have these kind of moments, and it comes randomly. What I do is I look out my window and call out to God until he gives me His warm embrace.

@eestioko: For me, I feel alone most of the time even if I have my daughter and my husband with me. I still feel alone knowing that for 30 years, I’ve been living with my mom and dad and it was my first time to be away from them because they are in the Philippines right now and we are here in Australia.

Even if technology is the main source of communication nowadays, I still felt empty as I really wanted them physically but our situation today doesn’t permit them to travel here abroad. Hopefully when this pandemic is over and cleared, we can see and hug each other personally. I still continue praying that Covid19 will eventually perish so that we can go back to our normal life now. :blush:

Based on what I experienced in life, we may experience being alone when the people you love the most and considers to be family turned out to be the opposite. We look at our family as the people we can turn to and run to whenever life knocks us down. But in my case they were the once who caused me my difficulties and they were the once who hurt me the most. That was the time where I felt so alone and devastated. Then my Jesus told me and reminded me that He is just there beside me and that I should never feel alone. Because He is with me and loves me unconditionally.

@eestioko This is a moment to remember. Being alone is like drowning into a deep water which no one could hear you and help you out. There are people who choose to be alone because they want to be at peace or be refresh. But in this situation is not an ordinary. Imagine you are a covid-patient and your health is too weak and it keeps on hurting your respiratory and other organs.And the sad thing, you are bragging to sick alone, which is most of the time you are looking for your family to be with you. It’s look like you are terrified but remember what God said ‘’ Goodness and mercy shall follow me all days of my life’’ and He also added this word we don’ t need to be afraid in our difficult situation, instead in protection God doesn’t only means of protection as for danger, yet He teaches us a lessons which we could use for the future.

@eestioko praying for everyone who’s going through a lot lately
I’ve been living away from my family because of work. And due to this pandemic, I couldn’t be with them. I couldn’t see them. We only communicate thru calls. Also, this year I’ve become close to people I’ve never imagined knowing and lost people who I thought would’ve been there for me forever. I am independent as always according to my friends. But sometimes, I couldn’t help but feel empty and alone. No matter how strong I look outside, no matter how hard I laugh in front of everyone, and no matter how many people I am surrounded with, at the end of the day, I still feel lost. My anxiety got even worse. Many nights, I cried myself to sleep. But it helps me a lot knowing God is always there for me. That he listens to everything I say and He has plan for me, and I need to trust that.

Greetings in the name of humanity, Nice photo, i always felt that thing … sometimes i struggles with loneliness. i also go through something hard that i don’t think anyone else understands or sometimes i feel sadness in life where i just feel im alone, so what i usually do is meditate Gods word … lie Deuteronomy 13:6 "Be strong and Courageous do not be afraid because of them, for the LORD is with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. … Gods really love us because he said in his word 1 Samuel 12:22 FOR THE LORD WILL NOT REJECT HIS PEOPLE BECAUSE THE LORD IS PLEASED TO MAKE YOU HIS OWN… sometimes after praying i felt something cold like someone is embracing me and i now he is the LORD… he loves us …God Bless

@IamRichardJohn: I feel the hurt :pensive:…but in different scenario. I thought everything is fine with my in-laws after I married their son, but it was the opposite. They showed me and let me feel how they don’t like me for some reasons that is too personal to share, but to give you a hint: it is all about the money they used to received from my husband which is different now because we have a child. To cut the story short, I suffered depression again and still on my healing stage upto this moment. I’ll just keep on praying that everything will be fine in God’s perfect time, and that he will heal my emotions too.

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I experienced being alone when I didn’t know God. But when I met God my heart was filled with joy and I did not feel that I’m alone because God was always there for me by my side to guide me and He taught how to trust Him more.

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I feel most alone when I am at bed at like 11pm in the evening crying my eyes out and realizing I have no one to talk to (except God, of course) but like in terms of my friends, having someone to converse my feelings out.

I really can relate to this one, too @Paulo_Juamis! Without God, my life is so dark and every challenge is just very hard to battle! But the moment I opened my mind and heart to the Lord God, honestly felt a hundred times better!

@MakkaPakka it really hurts when we are into this kind of situation, having some friction against family. It’s never a good feeling, anger and hatred will really dominate our inner feelings. Consumed with this feeling is like an automatic thing for us human being. If you ask if it’s right immediately I will tell you no, but it is normal. On the other hand, we do have Christ in our hearts. When he was crucified by His own people, he had all the right to feel angry and to hate all the people. Condemn them for what they had done, end humanity for all we know. But he never did, because of two words… LOVE and GRACE. That is what I’m trying to apply now, with the help of my Lord Jesus Christ. Whenever I feel anger and hate towards them I just think of what Jesus sacrificed for me. Hope this helps.

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@MakkaPakka It is really sad that you feel that way. We are going to cross paths with people who don’t understand and like us. That’s part of our journey. Stop worrying about what other people think of you and focus on yourself instead. Focus on loving yourself more so you can love your husband and child more. Focus on what makes you and your family happy and what makes your soul feel at peace. Talk to your husband about this. Get deeper and be open. Life becomes so much fulfilling when you are just simply yourself. The world keeps spinning whether people understand you or not. But keep giving love. Keep giving love to people who doesn’t even like you. Keep believing in yourself and unconditional love that you are very much capable of giving. I hope one day, everything will be settled between you and your in-laws.

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@kianna: hi there! I forgot to tell you that I do have sleeping disorder so I go in bed late, you can reach me though if you need someone to talk :blush:…I want to share you this, in times like you are feeling alone, just remember John 16:32…" I am not alone for my father is with me"…because the only cure to a lonely heart is to be alone with Jesus…:wink:

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@IamRichardJohn: True! It really brings me to tears everytime I remember the pain. And what I really hated most is, they also recruit and network other people to hate me; posting rude facebook quotes about us for not sharing our blessings, for being selfish etc., I am a person who is more into “saving for rainy days”…I hope this pandemic helps my bashers realized how important it is to save inorder to survive any crisis that might happen. And I am not really a showy kind of person. When I extend help, I don’t post it in social media coz I really don’t like applauses. Oh well, I’ll just continue to pray for them, even if they are against me and hate me. May the good Lord touch their heart and leave me alone with their dramas. :blush:

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Hi @Jean…thanks for the uplifting words. Yes its true! We really can’t please everybody no matter how we show kindness and goodness, there are really still existing antagonists in our life. But the sad things is I thought we are “family”. My husband knows everything that I feel, I always open it to him and we keep on arguing with that before coz I wanted him to fight for me and tell his family that they are wrong of accusing me/us for being selfish etc. Sad but true, people only wanted to hear what they first hear so there’s no point of explaining. I’ll just lay my cards down to God, for he knows everything in me, inside my heart and what is in it, and let God take charge the explaining part. :blush:

That’s so kind of you! Thank you so so much @MakkaPakka :blush: :yellow_heart: