Why does God allow innocent people to suffer?

Hey guys, what do you think is a good response to the question of:

‘If god exists, then why does he allow innocent people to suffer?


@Nina_Laird_Fusilli: Each one of us is going to deal with significant suffering in our lives no exemption wether what state in life you are in… And, one day, each of us is going to have to deal with the reality of death, even what ages we belong. Let’s just remember this “When things get worse before they get better, God is with us. And as we look to the future, we can trust in the words of Jesus: “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die” John 11:25-26…

Hello @Nina_Laird_Fusilli thats a Good Questions but its hard also.
In my own opinion and experience,
First i want to share with you this Bible Verse
Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I Know The Plans I Have For You’ Declares the Lord, 'Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.
and simple sharing is just believe on our God he is giving as this problem to be more stronger and be a better person.

Hi @Nina_Laird_Fusilli I believe that every pain we encounter has purpose. God wants to make us stronger. That pain is making us stronger. He wants us to have stronger faith in him.
God doesn’t guarantee us a life free from pain. Instead, He promises us that whatever we face, He is with us and He will carry us through. But here’s the promise,

" I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born," says the Lord.(Isaiah 66:9)

Sometimes, blessings can be packaged in a form of pain and suffering. Stop reminding ourselves of the pain but instead remind ourselves of its purpose. The prize is always on the other side. The pain and suffering we encounter is under God’s control. Keep fighting.

Hello, dear @Nina_Laird_Fusilli
I fin these kind of question mean spirited, those who ask something like this are being cynic most of the time. But one good way of answering if the following:
All of what we live and feel has a reason, suffering is one of them, and we all learn something from everything, constantly. This is the consequence of free will, as God gave us that, that’s the reason of why we can distinct right from evil, happiness and sadness, satisfaction and suffering. Even though all are not exactly exact counter words, we learn and feel by example of them. If we didn’t knew what suffering was how we could truly get satisfaction? By “suffering”, we produce endurance, which produces character, which produces hope. By combining these things you learn how to be a person of good, as God wants us to decide to be, he could had made us blind dolls but he didn’t. And other thing to consider, is that God has a plan, we may feel like suffering not deserved, but he sees thing differently, he’s not just at an unique present like ourselves. As the Bible says, we walk by faith not by sight.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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Hi @Nina_Laird_Fusilli! In Roman 5:3-4, it tells us that “Suffering produces perseverance. Perseverance produces character and character produces hope.” The sufferings in life is what brings us closer to God. Without these challenges, we will not be molded into the person who God wants us to be. We will slack off and some people will think that they are their own Gods. Suffering also reminds us of our weaknesses, that we are only human and that there is a God who is bigger than any of our adversities in life. And in suffering, let us also remember that in 1 Corinthians 10:13 he said that “He will not give us something beyond what we can bear. He will provide a way out so that we can endure it.” God bless!

There is a lot to think about this topic. If we would answer this question without thinking about the nature of our Father in heaven, then it would be simple… it is a very big UNFAIR. But God has his own ways, He is God and we are His children. My stand on this is that, we will not be able to understand fully the ways of the Lord, again he is God and we are man. But if we base our judgment on the what the bible illustrates, we can immediately look at the life of Job. He is a successful man in terms of earthly possession and wealth, but he is also a faithful and a God fearing person. God allowed all of those terrible things to happen to Job because God wants to prove to satan that God’s people will be faithful no matter what their status in life is. And in the end God renewed Job’s life and even more.

hello, as a first aid teacher - we define pain and suffering as physical and emotional stress caused from an injury… but for us christian suffering means a lot …personally every time i experience suffering i cry as my initial reaction but i know that God has a purpose, maybe for me to learn and be more stronger … I don’t have any right to complain every time i suffer because God himself have been persecuted that God suffered and was judge knowing that he is innocent.

Hello @Nina_Laird_Fusilli. Jesus allow trials and problems in our life because He want us to be strong in faith He want us to trust Him and dont trust ourself because we can’t do nothing God will never leave us in every circumstances in our life God is always there.

Also asked myself that before. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Every challenge we face is a test, it tests our own strength and capabilities, and it tests our faith in the Lord God. No matter how big or small a challenge is, God is with us and he is far more powerful than our sufferings.

Hi @Nina_Laird_Fusilli, I want to share with you what I know with this reality question: There is no such thing as the “innocent” suffering.

Since “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23), there is no one who has the right to freedom from God’s wrath on the basis of his own innocence. For me, I believe when injustice happens for innocent people, the truth will always follow. It will always speaks even our action speaks louder than our voice.

@Jean: Good insights! Truly indeed that every pain we encounter is a stepping stone towards knowing its purpose. We might ask the Lord sometimes, “Lord of all the people, why me?”. We may not get an abrupt answer, but surely God will not leave as astray as he promised. God bless!

Hello there Sir @Luis_Ruiz… I admire those people who can see the silver lining in the midst of situations despite their circumstances or obstacles that they been thru. St.Paul reminds us that whatever circumstances we are in, we can still rejoice in the midst of any of it because of where our hope is placed.

Hope is what keeps us moving and rejoicing through whatever fate life throws in our way, and we have hope when our faith is truly resting firmly in Jesus. “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” (James 1:2-3).

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@bosch: Pain and suffering might be broad but it can sweeten and deepen us. Sweeten us in a sense that we can learn something from the pain we have experienced and deepened us as we learn to be firm in our decisions and choices everytime we encounter it again. I agree with you, even I don’t have the right to complain because he even sacrificed himself on the cross just to save us from our sins.

@kianna: Yes dear, everything happens for a reason for us to learn and be more firm. Sometimes, whenever trials shows up; I easily go back from suffering depression and anxiety. I suffer sleepless nights due to lack of peace of mind and worst thing is I have palpitations. But I never asked God on why of all people he let me suffer like these. I just keep on praying that I could pass every test he will gonna give me and trust always in my memory verse Jeremiah 29:11…:wink:

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Agree, thanks Kianna. I wanted to post something here but all of you guys said it all :slight_smile:

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Let me just say one thing, when my good friend died from COVID-19, it wasn’t as easy answering this question :frowning: He was a good Christian ma, loves his kids, loves music, and loves the Lord. When we tested positive from the virus, everyone at church bowed their needs and petitioned our merciful Father to heal our friend.

But God has other plans.

All we can do is cling to Him by faith that He is too wise to be mistaken, too good to be unkind

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Indeed! Yep, Palpitations are the worst :frowning: Let us not lose faith in the Lord God, when things go right or wrong, we should always pray and ask for HIs guidance! :blush: :yellow_heart:

My deepest condolences, @eestioko. Everything happens for a reason, let us give our full trust to the Lord. He is with the Lord God now.

@kianna: I agree! Oftentimes I have palpitations even if I don’t drink coffee more often. I hate it when it attacks me at night coz I really can’t sleep until the sun comes up and due to lack of sleep, I developed acne problems again…:pensive: But anyway, let us continue to pray for our mental health…:blush:

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